First projects
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
A 5-week process
We observe and analyse
We observe and analyse how people behave in your market to needle the problem that needs solving.
We do a hackathon
We create a melting-pot of the best creatives, designers, engineers and product managers to find and prototype solutions.
We deliver
We deliver products that work, ready to be distributed or industrialized.
Productman is a Buzzman spin-off
At Buzzman, it’s not unusual for us to create products and services for our clients, instead of traditional advertising campaigns.
Maybe it’s because our creatives like thinking out-of-the-box and our producers love to create the impossible.
In 2013, we changed the composition of 10 million Milka Chocolate bars in France, and in Europe, by removing their last square, to deliver a tenderness message.
To help people stay awake all night and watch unlimited movies and series on Canalplay, we created a coffee brand: Insomny.

In less than two weeks there was a stock shortage in all French supermarkets.
We created a condom delivery service for Durex in the Middle East because you never have a condom when you need it. The success was such that our client then wanted to deploy the service in more than 10 countries.
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